Best Practice: JavaScript Window onLoad usage and event handelers setup

Handy Copy & Paste window.onload and event hanelers setup snippet: <script type=”text/javascript”> var temp_f; if( window.onload ) { temp_f = window.onload; } window.onload = function () { if( temp_f ) { temp_f(); } init(); } function init(){ initPageEvents(); } function initPageEvents(){ document.getElementById(‘linkClick’).onclick=function(){ linkClicked(); } } function linkClicked(){ alert(“ok”); } </script> [..] <a href=”#” id=”linkClick”>Link</a>

Sony Playstation 3 Launch

Today Sony launched their new Playstation 3 web site which I was responisble for creating. I built this for some of the talented people over at Tequila, design by Craig Brooks, downloadable widget by Danny McGillick. This site presented a few unique challenges. First of all it was to feature a pseudo-3D transition for the…

FireFox 3 Flash Emebed bug

Firefox 3 on Windows using wmode transparent or opaque introduces a new default style for the object element; it treats it like an active link. Here’s the fix, simple CSS rule on object element. <style type=”text/css” media=”screen”>     object { outline:none; } </style> Site Launch

Today we rolled out the new version of the Sanity Australia web site. Several months of blood, sweat and late nights went into this one. It’s a major e-commerce site built for Australias biggest music and dvd retailer. I was responsible for the front-end development and .NET integration. Take a look at:

Site Preview: Crust Pizza

A preview of the new Crust site featuring quite a cool Carousel I created from pre-rendered FLV video. I did a version of this Carousel in Papervision 3D but decided to run with a 3D pre-rendered version as the level of interactivity didnt require a full PV3D application. The Carousel uses 2 small FLVs, one…

Site Launch – Olympus PEN ver 2

Last week I launched version 2 of our Olympus PEN promotional site. This site has a range of Flash including a Flickr based Papervision 3D Gallery and competition, 360 Product spinners, YouTube videos and informational panels. Design: Jonathan Miranda, Glen McPherson, Aliza Nordin

Site launch: Olympus new PEN Camera

Olympus have released a revolutionary new camera and required a new mini-site to be built to conincide with the launch of the new camera named the PEN. Unforntaly, we were only given 2 days to build the mini-site which included a online competition for photographers to upload pictures int a competition. A good job on…