Adding Social Media buttons, Facebook ‘Like’, Twitter ‘Tweet This’ and Googles ‘+1’ to an EDM or Email

mzl.efoairdoHere’s a quick overview for adding social media “share” buttons to an EDM. For the most part this is possible and simple to implement.

Very cool.


Adding Facebook

Adding a “LIKE” button to an EDM is as simple as using the following code:

<a href=";layout=standard&amp;show_faces=true&amp;width=450&amp;action=like&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;height=80 target=">

<img title="Facebook Like Button" src="" alt="Facebook Like Button" />


All you have to do is:

  1. Change the URL to the page you want ‘liked’
  2. Change the img location and upload your “Like” button image.


Adding Twitter

Adding Twitter uses much the same medthod, simply use the following code:

<a href=” &amp;text=Scotts&nbsp;Blog&amp;via=websiteaccount&amp;related=myaccount“>Tweet this</a>

And all you have to change is:

  1. Change the URL to the page you want ‘liked’
  2. Change the text (remember to escape any special characters)
  3. Add an image icon similar to the Facebook implementation.
  4. Specify your website name / account after the via variable
  5. Specify your Twitter account after the related variable



Google +1

Unfortunately the new Google +1 uses JavaScript so at present there is no way to implement a “+1” directly into EDMs.

However Google’s +1 could be implemented using the alternate method outlined below.



An Alternate Method

An alternative is that when you click the Social media button, ‘Like’, ‘Tweet this’, ‘+1’ button you are taken to the hosted version of the newsletter and the relevant social media service can be called and overlayed as a div above the hosted version of your edm.

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