Add some Sex to your Tweens with this new easing equation

I was having a beer with one of my very talented colleagues Robert Shearing ( and we got to talking about the make-up of the various easing equations for usage in Tween engines such as TweenLite. Most of these equations are still based on Robert Penner’s original 11 easing equations: Circ, Cubic, Elastic, Expo, Linear, Quad, Quart, Quint and Sine.

After a few beers we decided that we needed to create a new Easing equation. We figured that is if Quint was to the power of 5, then logically we create an equation to the power of 6.. but what to call it.. after a few more beers we figured if Quart is the power of 4 and Quint is the power of 5 then the power of 6 should be simply called “Sex”. Coincidentally, this is also the Latin word for six.

This gives us a new, slightly sharper Ease and the bonus ability to have some really cool easing combinations such as Sex.EaseIn, Sex.EaseOut and everyones favorite, Sex.EaseInOut.

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Get the [Source].

Enjoy your new equation, if you use it on a project please drop us a link in the comments below and please remember, always practice safe Sex.

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