The APAC Optimisation Landscape

australianflagAs the Optimisation Consultant at Adobe I am fortunate to work with many of our optimisation conversion clients within the Asia Pacific region to and to maximise ROI from their digital marketing initiatives, providing guidance in digital strategy and ideation, road-mapping,, governance and provide implementation support to ensure those clients have the necessary infrastructure to launch and sustain an effective optimisation program

Earlier in the year Adobe partnered with DGM to conduct a Survey in which over 1800 (18 hundred) digital marketers participated, approximately 250 from across the ANZ region.

The survey found that within the ANZ region we allocate a slightly larger percentage of budget to optimisation than the global respondents. However the majority of respondents actually spent little to no budget on conversion optimisation. The 12% of ANZ respondents who are spending more than a quarter of their budget on optimisation reported substantially higher conversion rates than the total ANZ sample.

The evidence clearly shows online businesses that invest in optimisation strategies reap the rewards of increased revenue and a competitive advantage. Optimisation is key to delivering measurable return on investment and even more so, it is key to creating dynamic, intelligent experiences creating loyal, engaged and happy customers.

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