Site Launch

Today we rolled out the new version of the Sanity Australia web site. Several months of blood, sweat and late nights went into this one. It’s a major e-commerce site built for Australias biggest music and dvd retailer. I was responsible for the front-end development and .NET integration. Take a look at:

Site Preview: Crust Pizza

A preview of the new Crust site featuring quite a cool Carousel I created from pre-rendered FLV video. I did a version of this Carousel in Papervision 3D but decided to run with a 3D pre-rendered version as the level of interactivity didnt require a full PV3D application. The Carousel uses 2 small FLVs, one… Build Preview

This is the new revamp I am presently working on. Being a large consumer site I built the site with all best practice and progressive enhancement techniques available. Site Preview: Themed version: Technology: xHTML 1.0 Strict Custom Styled Form Elements sIfr Flash Font Replacement jQuery Animation swfObject Flash Embed CSS class based…

Fairfax Domain Presenter

This was a major project developed for Fairfax Digital as a part of their Domain Real Estate brand. Fairfax required a system that allowed their Sales people to create a fully customised, interactive Slide Presentation, similar in function to a high quality Powerpoint Presentation that they could install on their Laptops and take on the…