Fairfax Domain Presenter

This was a major project developed for Fairfax Digital as a part of their Domain Real Estate brand. Fairfax required a system that allowed their Sales people to create a fully customised, interactive Slide Presentation, similar in function to a high quality Powerpoint Presentation that they could install on their Laptops and take on the road with them to client pitches. The presentations had to facilitate the download of live content and XML feeds form the web but also have an offline mode.

The solution was to build a system featuring a web-based CMS for configuring the custom Presentations that were then compiled into a Windows Desktop application. The presentation and individual slides can also be customised with personalised content allowing a user to add and remove Slides, Slide Categories, upload images, logos and branding and add custom formatted text and content. The customised Presentation could be viewed online or can be packaged up as a Windows Application and delivered to the user for download. The Windows version can then be run from the users Desktop and viewed offline at anytime.

To achieve a smooth transition from online application to offline application I built the interface level in Flash, driven by ActionScript 3 and fed all of the content, images and customisations in via XML. I then built the offline version of the interface and packaged it into a Windows app with MDM Zinc. I used network monitoring to detect if a user is online or offline, if the user is online the XML is fed directly from online Web Services. If it is offline it looks in it’s package config.xml.


  • Flash
  • ActionScript
  • XML
  • MDM Zinc

View the online demo:


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