Introduction – Advanced Flash SEO and Usability Tutorial

Advanced Flash SEO and Usability Tutorial Introduction

The Problems associated with Flash SEO and Usability

Creating an entire Flash based web site is very common these days, yet there are still some major Usability problems inherited when an entire Flash based design is implemented.

No SEO and no deeplinking.

The first issue is that of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, since search engines cant (yet) index the text used in your Flash movies it becomes virtually impossible to get good search visibility for your Flash site, and coupled with the inability to deeplink to specific content sections it becomes very hard to create targeted backlinks to your Flash site.

No browser back, forward or history support.

The second issue is the inability for Flash to work with the browsers back and forward butons in the main navigational bar and no history being recorded in the browsers history section.

No scrollbars for small windows.

Most Flash designers target their full screen flash sites to the 1024 x 728 monitor resolution, minus the browser chrome which equates to roughly 980 x 600 of actual design real estate. The problem is if a user is using a smaller resolution or has their browsers set to a smaller size window, Flash does not create scrollbars and thus clips off the parts of your website that do not fit on the available screen size.

No Analytics

There are now several excellent free online analtyics services for your traditional html based web sites and until recently theres been no way to harness such a service to track clicks and visitors around your Flash site.

The Solution

Fortunately there is a solution, or in fact several solutions for all of the above issues. In this tutorial I will show you how to combine all of these solutions to create a fully usable and backwards compliant browsing experience for your users.

  • Part 1. Setting up dynamic SEO tags for each page or deeplink in your Flash movie
  • Part 2. Deep linking to your Flash content and enabling those back, forward and history buttons in your browsers (coming soon)
  • Part 3. Add scrollbars for smaller browser windows and monitor resolutions (coming soon)
  • Part 4. Add Google Analtyics (coming soon)
  • Part 5. Flash alternate content, white hat SEO usage and case study: (coming soon)
  • Source code (coming soon)

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