MboxGen – Test&Target Visual Mbox Creator (Browser Plug-in)

31EDIT: This has been updated. Head on over to here for the latest release notes and screen shots:



I decided to create a visual method to assist in wrapping Mbox code within a page, so I began work on this very simple Mbox Generator for Adobe Test&Target.

To install it click & drag this ( [ + ] MboxGen ) button onto your Browser links bar.


Once installed browse to any web site that requires Mbox wrapping and hit the [ + ] MboxGen button in your browser bar. Wait for a second or two and you will see the MboxGen interface:

Then enter a name for the Mbox, highlight and click on an element on the page you wish to wrap in an Mbox and the MboxGen produces the generated code:


You can then simply Copy & Paste the generated Mbox code into your HTML template and you’re set.

Please Note: This is still in a “Beta” form. Add a comment below and include your email address to be notified when a new release is made.

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