MboxGen – Test&Target Visual Mbox Creator – Update

I’ve just released an update to the MboxGen tool with a number of new features.

You can now visually create new Mbox’s on the page and have MboxGen load the new Mbox into Test&Target without the need to create or publish any code. You can then load Campaigns and Offers straight out of Test&Target into the new Mbox created by MboxGen without leaving your Web Browser.

This means you can quickly and easily setup, demo and quality assure new Campaigns in real world environments and websites directly from FireFox, Chrome or IE.

I’ve also added the ability to generate Parameters, Category Affinity and Path variables from the interface. Full release notes are below.

How to Install MboxGen

To install, click & drag the following link ( [ + ] MboxGen ) onto your Browser links or favorites bar. (Note: Existing MboxGen users will just need to clear their browser cache to get the latest version).


MboxGen User Guide

1. Browse to any web site which may or may not already contain a Test&Target Mbox or mbox.js.

2. Clicking the [ + ] MboxGen button on your browser links bar opens the MboxGen interface:


3. Highlight and click on the page element you’d like to wrap in an Mbox and the Mbox Div and MboxCreate() functions will be added to the Code Preview window:

Note: any block level element can be wrapped including Div’s and Heading Tags (h1, h2, etc)


4. Enter the name for the new Mbox, the mboxCreate function will be updated accordingly:

For the purposes of this tutorial the Mbox name will remain the default “Enter_Mbox_Name”


5. You may add any variables such as Parameters, Paths or Category Affinity:


6. If the web page you’re editing contains a valid mbox.js, two additional buttons will be displayed, “Create Mbox in Target” and “Update Preview“:


7. Clicking the “Create Mbox in Target” will load the Mbox into the Test&Target interface. By opening a new tab and logging into Test&Target you can see the newly created Mbox in the “Locations” tab, like so:


It will also gnerate any custom Parameters, Paths or Category Affinity information:


8. You can now setup any new Campaigns and use the Mbox created by MboxGen as the Location and any Parameters passed in for Targeting:


9. Once the Campaign is setup and active, you can then Tab back to the MboxGen page, hit “Update Preview” and load the Offer into the new, dynamic Mbox:


I’ve setup a test page with a valid mbox.js linked to my Test&Target account that you can play around with after installing the MboxGen Plug=in:


Note: If you use the default Mbox name “Enter_Mbox_Name” an Offer will be loaded into the new Mbox contiaing a “Success!” message.

MboxGen also works hand-in-hand with the DigitalPulse debugger for extended troubleshooting and quality assurance. Add a comment below to be notified of updates and new releases.


Happy mBoxing!


Release notes:

  • Added the ability to dynamically create new Mbox’s on-the-fly within Test&Target when a valid mbox.js is detected on the parent web page.
  • MboxGen now works in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari along with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Added the ability to generate code for Parameters, Category Affinity and Path variables.
  • A number of UI enhancements.
  • Various bug and performance fixes
  • Restricted the Mbox wrapping to block level elements, DIV’s and Heading Tags.



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