My thoughts on Silverlight, HTML5 and CSS3

People keep asking me about my thoughts on HTML5 and Silverlight, I decided to include CSS3 for the ride. So here you go.

HTML 5 – I cant see it seriously competing with Flash for at least 5 years. Firstly, browser vendors will implement their own take on the standards, Microsoft will implement their own take on the standards implementation and force web devs into several more years of IE hacks and work arounds. Secondly, for the market penetration of those browsers to really become wide spread enough for mainstream development will take at least 2 years. However, once implemented correctly and teamed up with the power of CSS3, the web will be a better place for it.

I loathe Silverlight. It is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Microsoft and in many ways, the internet. We have a perfectly good, well developed platform with 99.9% user penetration, Flash, and along comes Microsoft simply trying to cash in with their own, inferior albeit it infant version. They then use their usual strong hand tactics to force it into the market place in places it is not needed. Effectively creating another browser war scenario. Thanks but no thanks Microsoft, we’re happy with our Flash.

This further fuels my love/hate relationship for Microsoft. Stick your fantastic OS and get off the web.

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