Site Preview: Crust Pizza

A preview of the new Crust site featuring quite a cool Carousel I created from pre-rendered FLV video. I did a version of this Carousel in Papervision 3D but decided to run with a 3D pre-rendered version as the level of interactivity didnt require a full PV3D application.

The Carousel uses 2 small FLVs, one for the scrolling and one for the box opening. I simply loop part of the scrolling video to allow the boxes to slide multiple times and reverse the videos for animating the slide in the opposite direction or to close the box lids. I then load the Pizza PNG itself under a dynamic mask on top of the FLV along with the Pizza information from an XML web service. Video rendering by Jonathan Miranda.

ActionScript 3, Tweenlite, Bulkloader.

Cool effect. Check it out at:

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