Sony Playstation 3 Launch

Today Sony launched their new Playstation 3 web site which I was responisble for creating. I built this for some of the talented people over at Tequila, design by Craig Brooks, downloadable widget by Danny McGillick.

This site presented a few unique challenges. First of all it was to feature a pseudo-3D transition for the load screen but was asked not to use an propitiatory 3D software such as Papervision. The next challenge was to create a flowing navigational menu that is fed from a dynamic XML feed with random positioning of the nav items. The site also needed to feature a “Favorites” system that allowed user to add their favorites sites to a “bookmark” style menu on the site, however due to technical restraints I was not to use a database, this meant storing the “Favorites” in browser cookies and writing a quick interface to access the cookies. Finally the site was built on top of the Kohana PHP framework and an alternate HTML only version developed by the brilliant Luke Schreur. The site features 9 different “Skins”, refresh on the landing page to get a new random skin.

Head on over to to check it out.

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